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Move over plastic — it's time for a fresh approach that places our environment first.

The culmination of years of research, tpree-logo-dark is a groundbreaking sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to paper and plastic serveware that will help us to continue to enjoy festivals without harming our environment.

As tpree-logo-dark is completely biodegradable, it can help to reduce carbon footprints, reduce landfill waste, and eliminate toxins present in paper and plasic plates from leaking into our fragile environment.

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    Trees stand tall

    Working closely with the Nepali in an ethical manner, we only select the right leaves. And even better, no trees are cut down... ever.

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    All natural

    Using only two naturally occurring materials: sāl leaves and bamboo, our products are completely chemical-free.

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    100% compostable

    Our high quality affordable solution is certified compostable. So when you're done, nature gets to work returning the nutrients to the ecosystem.

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    Happy customers

    Everyone who uses tpree-logo-dark simply loves them; they know they are helping to preserve our home for this and future generations. Plus they look great!

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Litter On Ground

As festivals become more and more popular, the effect they have on the environment can be particularly devasting. Waste generated at festivals is one of the most prominent environmental impacts that festivals have. Not only is there a great deal of waste generated at many events, it is the most visible impact for festival-goers. Recent reports of Glastonbury indicated:

  1. hosted more than 170,000 people attended 1
  2. produced about half a million sacks of rubbish 2
  3. waste disposal estimated at £780,000 3

It's clear — everyone simply loves them. And with so many people to cater for, it is becoming increasingly important to consider the effect these great events are having on our environment.

One of the biggest factors was disposable plastic serveware. But this is not just a waste issue. The vast majority of disposable plastic is still manufactured from crude oil and natural gas – nonrenewable fossil fuels. With every plastic bottle or plate we throw away, we are contributing to the urgent problem of climate change.

The great news is that it is not too late to change — in fact, Glastonbury festival now actively prohibts food vendors from handing out any plastic food containers!

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